DOE Adds Two More Schools To List of Closings

Posted on March 9, 2011


Three months after the Department of Education announced plans to close more than two dozen struggling schools, two more schools have been added to the list.
Bronx Academy High School and Pacific High School in Brooklyn are the most recent additions to the DOE’s list of 28 schools that it’s tried to shutter this year.

P.S. 114 in Brooklyn was removed from the chopping block earlier this week.

Both Bronx Academy and Pacific High School are transfer schools that serve students who have fallen behind at other city high schools. A relatively new model, each transfer school works with a community organization that provides full-time counselors and other support.

There are 43 transfer schools citywide, and if these two are closed they will be the first two transfer schools to be shuttered due to poor performance.

Department officials say they plans to replace both high schools with two new transfer schools immediately.

The closings will be put to a vote in April.

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